Muscle Activations

Glute Activations/Clams

These glute activations are vital for improving lumbopelvic stability to reduce lower back pain. They are best used prior to squatting/any lower body exercises or running.

Lower Trap Activations

Lower trap activations are essential in postural re-training. Those with shoulder or scapular stabilisation issues will find this most beneficial as its activation enables the correct muscular activation pathways during exercise. They should be performed as often as possible until the process occurs unconsciously.

Lower Back Mobility

This easy gentle mobility drill for the lower back is great for increasing the range of motion and reducing stiffness. It can be done as often as you like; upon waking, throughout the day and before bed!

Core Activations

Core activation is so important throughout all exercises for lower back support. It is also equally as important in everyday life for good posture, decreased risk of injury and for extra strength and mobility. It is especially important for women to re-activate these muscles after pregnancy.