Lower Back

This simple lower back stretch is perfect for reducing that stiff, achey feeling in those who sit for the majority of their day, whether it be driving or in the office. You can hold this position for anywhere from 30 seconds up to two minutes.

Pec Minor

The Pectoralis Minor is a muscle of the chest which is generally shortened in those with rounded shoulders and poor posture. Stretching this can help to enable more fluid range of motion and correct muscle patterning through the scapular and shoulder in movement. Lengthening of this muscle may also assist in reducing tension through the neck.

Hip Flexors

Stretching your Psoas and other hip flexors is crucial for unimpeded functional movement and reducing pressure on the lower back. If your job involves a lot of time sitting, this stretch will help to relieve some of the stiffness you may be prone to experiencing.


Adductor stretching prior to squatting, lunging or deadlifting helps to reduce the activation and subsequent rotational pull of the adductors on the femur. This enables the activation of the glutes more readily.